Hybrid and Accelerated BSN Nursing Programs in Massachussetts

Online Nursing Coursework

An online accelerated nursing education is just as effective as a traditional classroom environment. You are required to complete the same course curriculum within a set timeframe, but you are able to choose when and where you participate in class.

Our ABSN curriculum comprises 67 credits, with a significant number of these credits being completed online via our e-Learning management system that allows you to:

  • Read and listen to lecture material.
  • Participate in simulated learning modules.
  • Complete and/or upload course assignments.
  • Interact with other students via a discussion forum.
  • Join scheduled chat sessions with instructors.
  • Stay organized via the calendar management function.

While there is no physical presence with online learning, there is still a high level of virtual interaction and collaboration through the learning management system.

Check out our online learning demo to experience an online accelerated nursing program firsthand.

Online Courses Fit Different Learning Styles

Because online learning takes a less hierarchical approach to instruction, it works well for students who do not approach new information in a linear fashion.

Through aural and visual-based lectures, simulated learning modules and discussion forums, you are able to participate in several different types of learning activities—all designed to help you better retain course information. You can actually watch simulations of how long-term hypertension impacts the body, a dynamic experience you simply cannot get from a textbook.

How online courses appeal to different learning styles:

  • Images and graphical representations of information benefit visual learners.
  • Audio lectures appeal to aural learners who like to hear presentations multiple times.
  • Task-based simulations and 3-Dimensional graphics benefit tactile learners.
  • The discussion forum benefits social learners who thrive on interaction.

Online Learning Tips

While online learning affords a higher level of convenience, it should be approached with the same self-discipline and dedication as a traditional on-campus program.

Here are some helpful online learning tips:

  • Build rapport with your instructors ASAP and understand their expectations.
  • Know when your instructors hold office hours should you need to contact them.
  • Ask your instructors about their average turnaround times for email responses.
  • Create a study routine (and stick to it) to help keep you motivated.
  • Stay organized by using your online calendar to log assignment deadlines, test dates, etc.

Overall, the key to online learning is consistency. Not only do you need to have a regular routine, you must identify a comfortable location where you can always go to study and stay focused on your education.

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